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We are Christians who both read and write Christian fiction. The goal for this blog is to talk about the books we read and about our spiritual journeys. So you’re just as apt to read a review or comments on a book–fiction or non-fiction–as you are to read a devotional or inspiring quote or about daily Christian life in our posts. On the weekends, we post about writing and welcome guest bloggers. It is our hope to build a community where we can interact, discuss matters of importance to us, encourage, share and lift spirits.

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  • Grumpy
    The other day I overheard my husband talking to a friend about how it’s almost inevitable that men should turn into the stereotypical “grumpy old men” sooner or later. I guess if you live long enough, some of the more … Continue reading →
  • My Freaky New Life by Hannah Alexander
    I realize I’ve made it onerously apparent in posts from the past that Mel and I have moved 850 miles from a place we called home for many decades to the Nebraska Panhandle. Wow, what a move. It’s a whole … Continue reading →
  • Declaring War on Negativity
    I said I wouldn’t make a New Year’s Resolution. Because I believe my greatest transformation comes not from my own efforts, but from growing closer to Jesus and allowing Him to shine through me. And yet, that doesn’t mean I’m … Continue reading →
  • True Love
    I’ve loved the idea of creating things from nothing since I was a young girl. Whether it’s writing, or playing music, or crafting, I love all things creative. I grew up in a family of musicians. Oh, we weren’t famous, … Continue reading →
  • The Blank Page That Is 2017
      Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I confess, I’m not one for making them, mostly because in the past, I haven’t been able to live up to my resolutions. If you make New Year’s resolutions and follow through with … Continue reading →
  • Revelation Instead of Resolution by Tara Randel
    Happy New Year to all our Christian Reads friends! So now it is 2017. Yet we’ve all seen it, year after year. It’s a new year! Lose weight! Organize your clutter! Exercise! Make time for quality endeavors! Bombarded by all … Continue reading →
  • One More Week by Hannah Alexander
    I’m sorry I didn’t announce this earlier, but throughout the month of December, we had our Healing Touch series on sale on Kindle for .99 per title. I was going to take down the sale today, but because I didn’t … Continue reading →
  • A Spiritual New Year by Vicki Hinze
      A Spiritual New Year  By Vicki Hinze    A new year is upon us. Twenty sixteen is a memory and much of 2017 remains a mystery. Odds are that we’ve looked back at the previous year and decided what … Continue reading →
  • 2017 Word of the Year: Transformation by Julie Arduini
    Some do resolutions, I do word of the year. Around September I start praying and watching for confirmation. Sometimes the words come later in the year, and I’ve had them as early as October. That was the case for this … Continue reading →
  • Better Than New Year’s Resolutions
    Maybe it’s always this way, or perhaps I’m just more alert this year, but everywhere I look this Christmas, I see stress. Anxiety. Depression. Grieving. Hard stuff. People bustling about with Christmas carols playing, speaking cheerful holiday greetings, while inside … Continue reading →
  • Christmas Greetings
    Here’s wishing you a joyful Christmas. Let us celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the King, God’s perfect gift. I pray you have a wonderful holiday season with your family and enjoy special time with loved ones. Take time to … Continue reading →
  • Christmas Memories
    With only days left until the most celebrated holiday of the year, my guess is your house is just about as busy as mine. Last minute buying and baking, cleaning and cooking! I’ve been trying to watch some of my … Continue reading →
  • The Grace of Joseph by Hannah Alexander
              Our Clash verse today was about Joseph dealing with Mary’s unexpected pregnancy. Being a law-abiding Jew, he knew that legally he would need to divorce Mary–until he was told differently, of course. But because he … Continue reading →

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