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We are Christians who both read and write Christian fiction. The goal for this blog is to talk about the books we read and about our spiritual journeys. So you’re just as apt to read a review or comments on a book–fiction or non-fiction–as you are to read a devotional or inspiring quote or about daily Christian life in our posts. On the weekends, we post about writing and welcome guest bloggers. It is our hope to build a community where we can interact, discuss matters of importance to us, encourage, share and lift spirits.

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  • My Built-in, Underutilized Filter
    Do you ever feel as if your mouth runs amuck, leaving your brain scrambling to catch up? And when conflict arises, or you feel squeezed, does your brain ever lag so far behind, the party is over before she even realizes there’s been an invite? Life … Continue reading →
  • The Catapult by Julie Arduini
    My goodness, where did this year go? In some ways it has felt so long, and yet, I know I missed posting here because it has been so busy. I pray life is treating you well. A couple weeks ago … Continue reading →
  • It’s the kickoff of the Christmas season…
    It’s that time of the year when we find ourselves tossed in a dozen different directions. With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s officially the Christmas season. While I love this time of the year, it’s hard not to be a little … Continue reading →
  • Giving Thanks by Tara Randel
    Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. My you find time to spend with those you love and count all the many blessings the Lord has bestowed upon you this year. While you’re enjoying a festive … Continue reading →
  • Once Upon a Time by Hannah Alexander
      Long ago and far away, a California girl moved to the Missouri Ozarks with her parents. To say that it was traumatic would be a tragic understatement. She knew no one and had no siblings. Her parents both worked … Continue reading →
  • Peace in Tumultuous Times by Vicki Hinze
      We are living in tumultuous times. If you’ve been awake, you’re well aware of this and don’t need a primer to be advised. We’re all seeing a lot of things more clearly, and we’re running into brick walls on … Continue reading →
  • Evil Spellcheck by Kristen Heitzmann
    Recently I read an article about people incorrectly pluralizing names. The gist of it was that people are using apostrophes when they want to talk about the Watsons. When this editor explains that it’s wrong to write Watson’s to indicate … Continue reading →
  • Negativity and the Mind of Christ
    “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life” (John 10:10 NLT). At every moment, there are two voices vying for our attention–one wants to tear us down … Continue reading →
  • God’s Got It by Tara Randel
    I’m not one of those people who blogs about my political affiliation or uses social media to state my opinions. And before you click away, no, I’m not going to start now. What I am a proponent for is knowing … Continue reading →
  • The Day After
    Yesterday our country participated in one of the most divisive elections in our history—certainly the most divisive in my lifetime, and I’ve been voting since Ford lost to Carter. No matter which side claimed victory, we all knew there would … Continue reading →
  • It’s that time again…
    I can’t believe another year has passed. They seem to fly by faster as I grow older. Each year around this time, I recall all the wonderful holidays past and the joy they were. Now days, there are family members … Continue reading →
  • The Grace Card
    by Elizabeth Goddard I recently found myself in a sticky situation. A misunderstanding. That often happens in emails. We write out an email, our intention clear to us, only to have the person on the receiving end read things differently. … Continue reading →
  • Remakes by Kristen Heitzmann
    It can get a little frustrating when Hollywood keeps remaking films that have already been done, sometimes to death like the various comic book character movies. But then each has a different feel or focus, even a variation on plots and … Continue reading →

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