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  • At Home with Lyn Cote
    Why I Live in the Boonies Lyn Cote here- Continue reading →
  • Still Dealing with Fear by Louise M. Gouge
    We fiction writers enjoy making life difficult for our characters. Without some sort of struggle, some conflict, we would have no plot. E. M. Forster said, “‘The king died and then the queen died’ is a story. ‘The king died, … Continue reading →
  • Swinging on Fish Hooks by Julie Arduini
    Don’t you love those little a-ha moments God gives? Or if you’re like me, sometimes they are more like ahem. I tend to listen to a sermon or read a devotion and think how the material would be perfect for … Continue reading →
  • Camping…
    If you’d asked me a few years back about camping, I would have told you it wasn’t for me. But that was before my husband and I bought our camper. Now, there’s just something about sitting outside in front of … Continue reading →
  • Heartwarming Holiday Wishes by Tara Randel
    Here was are in mid-October and already the countdown to Christmas has begun. Festive decorations are filling the stores and we’re in the last stretch of 2017. So what better time to announce the release of Heartwarming Holiday Wishes, 10 … Continue reading →
  • The Emotional Life of a Writer
    by Jim Denney To me, writing is not so much a mental activity as an emotional activity. When I’m writing well, I’m not thinking about the words — I’m feeling the emotions, and those emotions pour out of me in … Continue reading →
  • A Weed or a Wildflower
    A Weed or a Wildflower By Margaret Daley One of my granddaughters got me to think about how we look at things means everything. I know I should already realize that, but it was something she said to me that … Continue reading →
  • Peace that surpasses understanding
    I recently had the privilege of visiting a fellow writer who was in the last stages of her life. I call it a privilege because she was such a graceful example of someone finishing well. Although her life was filled … Continue reading →
  • Give Yourself a Break by Hannah Alexander
    I don’t know about you, but sometimes the stressors of life can really overwhelm me. The bright side is that this does result in my drawing closer to God. Sometimes, however, it seems that I get hit harder from every … Continue reading →
  • By Birth or By Choice by Nancy J. Farrier
      On a recenttrip, I stopped by a store to pick up a couple of items. When I came out, Inoticed a rather scruffy gentleman walking toward me. He needed a shave, his clothes wereworn and appeared unwashed and his … Continue reading →
  • When I Write, I Feel His Smile by Elizabeth Goddard
    Recently, I was getting ready for church, staring at my makeup mirror to paint my face, listening to worship music. One particular song opened up my soul and inspired my heart with great love and adoration for Him–worship in its … Continue reading →
  • Oh, Those Bridges
    Along with my daughter, I made a trip to northern Iowa to visit family. I’ve traveled I-35 South many a time coming home from the Amana Colonies. On each of my many trips, I’ve seen the signs to stop and … Continue reading →
  • Bring your Bible…and your Faith
    Today is Bring Your Bible to School Day. Sponsored by Focus on the Family, this movement began in 2014 with eight thousand students. Last year 356,000 students participated. At their website,, parents and students can learn how to join … Continue reading →

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