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We are Christians who both read and write Christian fiction. The goal for this blog is to talk about the books we read and about our spiritual journeys. So you’re just as apt to read a review or comments on a book–fiction or non-fiction–as you are to read a devotional or inspiring quote or about daily Christian life in our posts. On the weekends, we post about writing and welcome guest bloggers. It is our hope to build a community where we can interact, discuss matters of importance to us, encourage, share and lift spirits.

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  • Just Like Us – Book Review
    I recently read a wonderful book that I wanted to tell you about – Just Like Us: 7 Ways Biblical Women Were Just Like Us (And Why It Matters) by Jennifer Hayes Yates. This book is directed towards women specifically, … Continue reading →
  • What You Should Know by Julie Arduini
    Last week I turned 50. It was certainly surreal as usually I like being home and staying behind the scenes, but this year, I had plans to actually celebrate in public. I still plan to do that, because once it … Continue reading →
  • New Rules for Living — Or Not
    This morning, I read this Bible verse about Jesus sending out the 72 disciples before Him: Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves. Carry no purse or bag or sandals. Do not greet anyone along the road. … Continue reading →
  • Fear Not by Nancy J. Farrier
    If you are like me you are so tired of talk about the virus and pandemic. I want this to be over and done with, but that won’t happen for a while. Instead, I have the opportunity to learn patience, … Continue reading →
    The prayer list for those impacted by Corona Virus grows.  Yesterday, a young man asked for prayers for his grandfather, who had just been put on a vent.  His wife is expecting, and they’re afraid for themselves and for the … Continue reading →
  • Clinging to God in the Pandemic
    My husband brought one of our dogs to the vet on Monday. They called it “curbside service.” One of the ladies came out to the car to retrieve our dog and bring him inside. But my husband had to stay … Continue reading →
  • Letter to Leo by James R. Coggins
    In the course of my historical research, I came across the following letter in the Russian Archives. Books for Today Publishing Company, 123 Fourth Avenue, New York, New York Dear Mr. Tolstoy: Thank you for submitting your book War and … Continue reading →
  • For Your Downtime (by Hannah Alexander)
    I wholeheartedly endorse what Vicki said yesterday, and what other buddies of mine have said here about the world pandemic. All I have to add to is that: Mel and I are in our third week of fever and cough … Continue reading →
  • War and Sacrifice by Vicki Hinze
      In previous wars, much was asked of people.  Arm up, hit the front lines, shoot and be shot at.  For those not “off to war,” the mission was clear:  protect the home, the children, and keep home together so … Continue reading →
  • Reflections on a Pandemic
    Unique world events offer a unique opportunity to learn new lessons. Here are a few we have had an opportunity to learn recently. 1. It’s a small world.  The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically demonstrated how interconnected the modern world is. … Continue reading →
  • Let's C.H.A.T. by Nancy J. Farrier
    Have you ever heard a juicy piece of gossip? One that didn’t sound like gossip, but like the truth? Then you jumped to conclusions about this truth and the person(s) involved. You were ready to march up to the person(s) … Continue reading →
  • Be Kind to Your Future Self
    We have a saying at our house, “Be kind to your future self.” Usually we are referring to some sort of household chore. Perhaps there are clothes in the dryer and we don’t feel like hanging them up right now. … Continue reading →
  • The God Who Sees by Julie Arduini
    If you know me well, you know my vision isn’t great. I pay a small fortune to shave my lenses down because my prescription is so high. The same for contacts. There are mornings I reluctantly play a game called … Continue reading →

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