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We are Christians who both read and write Christian fiction. The goal for this blog is to talk about the books we read and about our spiritual journeys. So you’re just as apt to read a review or comments on a book–fiction or non-fiction–as you are to read a devotional or inspiring quote or about daily Christian life in our posts. On the weekends, we post about writing and welcome guest bloggers. It is our hope to build a community where we can interact, discuss matters of importance to us, encourage, share and lift spirits.

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  • Allowing God to Lead
    A few years ago, my husband and I were on our way home from the mountains when we decided to do a little hiking. This was before we had a GPS or a smartphone, so my husband handed me the … Continue reading →
  • Jesus in the Chair by Julie Arduini
    In the years I’ve followed Christ in a daily way, I’ve heard about Jesus and the chair. For instance, I know of families that for Christmas set a chair for their dinner. It’s His birthday, and they want to be … Continue reading →
  • Technology gets a bad rap…
    My kids are currently all over the planet.  (I have four!) I know people complain that technology has taken the place of face-to-face conversations, but I have to give a hardy shout-out to tech from my humble abode in Silicon … Continue reading →
  • Physical + Emotional + Spiritual = Balance By Vicki Hinze
      We all know it.  All is not lost and there is hope but, right now, as a civil society, we are in trouble. In recent months, we’ve seen three separate incidents of murder and massacre in our schools.  Granted, … Continue reading →
  • Nora’s Review of SHE WALKS IN POWER
              She Walks in Power By MaryLu Tyndall Published by Ransom Press ISBN# 978-0—7-167139 Release Date August 30, 2016 322 Pages Genre(s):  Fantasy, Historical Christian Fiction, Romantic     NORA’S REVIEW:  I was hooked by this … Continue reading →
  • Healing Scars by Bridget A. Thomas
    There is a Cuban food truck in my town. My husband and I go there once in a while for a delicious Cuban sandwich. There is usually a man doing the cooking and a woman who takes the orders, gets … Continue reading →
  • Advice to a First Year University Student
    The universities from which I graduated often ask me for things (mostly money). One, a secular, government-run institution, recently asked me to contribute a short note of encouragement and advice to a first year student. I agreed. And then I … Continue reading →
  • My Boundary (by Hannah Alexander)
    How many times have you seen a No Trespassing sign in the past year? Even here in wide open Wyoming, we have those signs. Of course, here, there’s usually a public road that goes through the land, which we can drive … Continue reading →
  • Thanks by Tara Randel
    I’m in deep deadline mode, but surfaced to catch up on some chores.  I went down my to-do list, stopping when I came to the reminder to write this post. As I thought about what I wanted to write, the … Continue reading →
  • I Lift Up My Eyes
    On one particular day, I came home to dog hair and paw prints on the floor. I loaded the dishwasher and one of the grids from the bottom rack came apart. I found an array of papers, plastic bags, flashlights, … Continue reading →
  • I Want to be THAT Author by Julie Arduini
    You know the dream where you’re in a room full of people and you’re not dressed? Well, that’s how vulnerable I feel writing this post. Years ago, moments before I hit the “create blog” button that cemented my surrendering fear … Continue reading →
  • After the Burn (by Hannah Alexander)
    Mel and I found this interesting word picture on a recent hike. This tree is burned. Ever felt that way? Burned-out? I don’t know what you think of when you hear the words “burned-out” but when I’ve done my best … Continue reading →
  • A Writing Vision
    Years ago, God gave me Habakkuk 2:2 as my writing verse. Because I wanted to understand His message to me, I did some research into the meaning of the words in this verse. I’ve often found that the Hebrew words … Continue reading →

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