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Our Mission

We are Christians who both read and write Christian fiction. The goal for this blog is to talk about the books we read and about our spiritual journeys. So you’re just as apt to read a review or comments on a book–fiction or non-fiction–as you are to read a devotional or inspiring quote or about daily Christian life in our posts. On the weekends, we post about writing and welcome guest bloggers. It is our hope to build a community where we can interact, discuss matters of importance to us, encourage, share and lift spirits.

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    When we look at others, at ourselves, at specific things, do we see them as they are—or as we are at that moment in time?   It’s an interesting question worth exploring, whether contemplating it for characters in a book … Continue reading →
        In the Shadow of Croft Towers By Abigail Wilson Published by Thomas Nelson Release Date: January 15, 2019 ISBN#978-078223665 336 pages           NORA’S REVIEW: This author opening lines, seized my imagination, “I often wondered … Continue reading →
  • O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
    For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. – Isaiah 9:6 Christmas is … Continue reading →
  • Finding Our Calling
    I have a young grandson who is having trouble deciding what he wants to be when he grows up. He keeps encountering new occupations and changing his mind. When he started school, he decided he wanted to be a principal. … Continue reading →
  • FRUSTRATED? (by Hannah Alexander)
    Have you ever found yourself in a situation that confused you to pieces and you didn’t quite know how to get out of it? Maybe it was a relationship that took a bad turn, perhaps you were trying to read … Continue reading →
  • Grateful for Thanksgiving
    Happy Thanksgiving! Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. What a glorious day. A day for giving thanks. On this one day each year, the whole country seems to be in harmony. No matter what religion or ethnicity we are, … Continue reading →
  • Thankful for Adversity by Julie Arduini
    Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving! I know this is an American holiday where we typically take time out and list all the reasons we’re thankful, and I love that. I try to be a thankful person all year long. This year? Boy, … Continue reading →
  • Rejoicing by Nancy J. Farrier
    Years ago when I surrendered to write for God, I experienced some success. I won awards. Made the best seller list. Finaled in contests. Then came a time when the writing contracts slowed. At first I didn’t worry. Life had … Continue reading →
  • Grateful for Today
    A month of gratitude! Let’s focus on gratitude throughout the month of November. I challenge you to look around and be more aware of the blessings in your life. And each day write down at least five things you are … Continue reading →
  • Away from the Puck
    He is a young, professional hockey player, highly valued for his ability to score goals. For this reason, he has the potential to have a long and successful career as a professional athlete. He can be a star. But this … Continue reading →
  • Rocky Road (by Hannah Alexander)
    As you can see, this is one rocky road! What, you thought I was talking about the ice cream? I wish! I love Rocky Road ice cream. But hiking this rocky road is better for my health than ice cream–unless, … Continue reading →
  • PARTING GIFTS by Vicki Hinze
    A few years ago I thought I had a life-threatening illness. It turned out to be a paperwork mistake, but there were about six weeks when I didn’t yet know that. I thought my time here was nearly done, and … Continue reading →
  • Grateful for the Lord
    A month of gratitude! Let’s focus on gratitude throughout the month of November. I challenge you to look around and be more aware of the blessings in your life. And each day write down at least five things you are … Continue reading →

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