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  • Walking the Bridge: Reading Across the Board by Vicki Hinze
    Relatively often, I’m asked to read an early copy of a novel coming out, or a non-fiction book.  Some of these selections are written for the general market, some are written for the Christian, clean read, or Inspirational market. If my schedule … Continue reading →
  • Some Thoughts Before Easter
    by Ray Stedman, introduced by Jim Denney from Ray Stedman on Leadership, new from Discovery House Publishers Ray Stedman was the pastor of Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California, for four decades, from 1950 until his retirement in 1990. I … Continue reading →
  • What’s the advantage to valley moments?
    Whenever life gets rough, I try to focus on the lesson God has for me in that moment.  Sometimes, things are so uncomfortable, you have to change life, but what happens when you’re stuck for a time and God has … Continue reading →
  • Deadlines by Tara Randel
    We all know what today is, the final day to file our taxes. Either you are getting money back, which means you’ve most likely sent the forms in by now, or you have to pay, which means you wait until … Continue reading →
  • Consider the Wild Flowers
    By Jim Denney A couple of times over the past few weeks, I’ve put off writing for the day, and my wife and I have gone out to see the brilliant “super bloom” in southern California in the wake of … Continue reading →
  • A Different Spin to God’s Timing
    When we think about God’s timing, usually we think about waiting. Often times there is something that we want to see in our lives, but it doesn’t happen as quickly as we would prefer. It could pertain to landing a … Continue reading →
  • I Heard the Scream Before it Came (by Hannah Alexander)
    You know how, when you’re not watching, something might just sneak up on you? These are metal images of the Western Diamondback Rattler and a Gila Monster. Both are venomous, and therefore not to be messed around with. One needs … Continue reading →
  • The Least of These By Nancy J. Farrier
    I breathed deep, taking in the fresh desert scent as my feet crunched along the hard-packed dirt track. The rain three days ago washed everything, and the fall air brushed against me with a welcome crispness after the summer heat. … Continue reading →
  • Why Not Write?
    Opinion by Jim Denney “You have two choices in life. You either die or do something with your time. You’re going to be doing something — why not write?” —James Lee Burke Louis Auchincloss had a long career as a successful … Continue reading →
  • Review: The Pilgrim’s Progress Movie
    One perk of writing/blogging is that publishers and agencies find me and ask if I’ll take a look/listen/watch at their product and share my thoughts. Over the years I’ve read amazing books, some not-so-amazing. I’ve enjoyed uplifting music, and watched … Continue reading →
  • Managing Master Manipulators
    Sadly, the church has its share of manipulative people.  I’m reading the book “Under the Banner of Heaven” which is about a religious “Mormon” sociopath who killed his baby niece, his sister-in-law and his brother under the guise that he … Continue reading →
  • The Power of Shame by Vicki Hinze
      Merriam-Webster defines shame like this: Shame.  (Noun.) “A painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt, shortcoming or impropriety.  “The susceptibility to such emotion.” “A condition of humiliating disgrace or disrepute.” “Something that brings censure or reproach. Something to be regretted.” … Continue reading →
  • Where are the Grownups?
    Opinion by Jim Denney When I was a child, I thought grownups had everything figured out. I looked at the example of my parents, and I assumed that all grownups were wise, knowledgeable, and sensible. Now that I’m a grownup, … Continue reading →

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