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  • What to Do When We’re Not Okay by Julie Arduini
    I think one of the most surprising things to come from 2020 is that we’re in 2024 and we are overall not okay. Politics aside, we thought we were staying inside for a couple of weeks, tops. We were told … Continue reading →
  • What’s Your Hearts Desire?
    Have you ever put your heart’s desires on God’s altar? Given them to Him in order to pick them up His way? Like Moses… The LORD said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand and grasp it (the staff that had … Continue reading →
  • A Worldly Pursuit of God? By James R. Coggins
    If the duty of human beings is to know God, we know we must spend much time in prayer, contemplation, and Bible study. In order to devote their full time to this pursuit, some have become monks. On the other … Continue reading →
  • God’s Creation by Tara Randel
    I’ll be the first to admit that when I get in the writing zone, I don’t pay much attention to the world around me. But in the last few months, I’ve had some extra time to be outdoors. When my … Continue reading →
  • What Would You Do? by James R. Coggins
    What would you do if you knew that the world would end tomorrow? Someone wiser and more famous than I am once responded, “I would plant a tree.” My wife and I bought a kitten. I am not saying that … Continue reading →
  • The Joy of Discovery by Nancy J. Farrier
    Last week we went to our youngest grandson’s first birthday. The party was held at a park and the kids loved that. There was shade and the weather was perfect. The kids could run and play and they had a … Continue reading →
  • How Did I Get Here & When Can I Leave by Julie Arduini
    It wasn’t too long ago I was in the middle of our local township park surrounded by spring flowers, beautiful trees, and small wildlife. Instead of inhaling the fresh air, I wiped a tear off my cheek and headed home. … Continue reading →
  • The Priestly Benediction Prayer
    The Priestly Benediction Amulet is another key proof of Israel’s long ownership of the land. Five hundred years older than the Dead Sea Scrolls, it was found in 1979 in the Valley of Hinnom between Old City Jerusalem and the … Continue reading →
  • James the Jewish Christian by James R. Coggins
    When the apostle Paul was converted, likely only a couple of years after Jesus’ resurrection, he stayed in Damascus for a while. In Galatians 1:18-19, Paul related what happened next: “Then after three years, I went up to Jerusalem to get acquainted … Continue reading →
  • Why Amazon is a Threat to Human Rights by James R. Coggins
    Among the fundamental human rights are freedom of thought and freedom of expression. The first demands the second. There is not much point in having freedom of thought if you can’t express your thoughts. Thoughts are expressed in many ways. … Continue reading →
  • Agents of Light
    Recently, I was talking about my latest release, The Last to Know, and the question came up about how I personally dealt with writing dark subjects such as the villain in the book. The Last to Know features a team … Continue reading →
  • Holidays and Jeeps by Tara Randel
    Happy Memorial Day. Today we honor those who served our country. Some paid the highest price to keep our country free. We thank them and all those who choose to serve in the US military today. Long weekends are a … Continue reading →
  • Maria’s Muses Book Blitz Where Every Post is a Giveaway by Julie Arduini
    The author’s life is often a lonely one where victories are few. Books often take hundreds of hours to write, edit, revise, format, publish and market. It’s not for the weak! When authors can gather around and encourage each other, … Continue reading →

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