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  • Day Trip by Tara Randel
    As we do every year, my daughter and I went to EPCOT for the Flower and Garden Festival. We always have a lovely day at the park, strolling around the countries to look at the gardens and the amazing topiary. … Continue reading →
  • An Honest Look at Life in the Church by James R. Coggins
    I will start at the rather ordinary beginning and assure you that the more extraordinary matter later on is worth waiting for. I first met Dawn Miller by mail many years ago. I was an editor with a church denominational … Continue reading →
  • Quiet Your Mind
    Do you ever feel as if you’re running in a dozen different directions and not accomplishing anything? I’ve felt this way a lot lately. With numerous writing deadlines approaching, it’s hard to stay focused on what is my most urgent … Continue reading →
  • Why Am I Struggling So Much? by Bridget A. Thomas
    What is wrong with me? I asked myself this question recently. I was feeling irritated, frustrated, depressed, and angry. On the surface, there seemed to be no good reason for the turmoil of emotions. It went on for days and I … Continue reading →
  • In His Time by Julie Arduini
    Authors often refer to their work as their “book babies.” I marvel at my peers who can crank out multiple releases a year. Me? Anchored Hearts released yesterday, and that pregnancy lasted nearly five years. When the idea first came … Continue reading →
  • Pharisees and Teachers by James R. Coggins
    While the crowds ran after Jesus, almost from the beginning the Pharisees and teachers of the law (sometimes called scribes) opposed Him. Why? Teachers of the law were essentially rabbis—experts in the Old Testament law who taught in the temple … Continue reading →
  • Would Jesus Go to Church? by James R. Coggins
    “If Jesus came to earth today, he would be spending his time on the streets, helping the poor and the marginalized, not in churches.” I encounter such sentiments frequently on social media. This ties in with other attitudes in modern … Continue reading →
  • What’s Your Purpose?
    Did you know that you were created for a purpose? It’s true. As Christians, God has a mission for each of us to fulfil. One that He specifically designed for us and only we can complete. It doesn’t matter how … Continue reading →
  • Jeeps On the Beach by Tara Randel
    Last weekend my husband and I drove over to Daytona Beach for Jeep Beach 2022. For those who aren’t into Jeeps, I can tell you that the weekend was all things Jeep! We started our day at the Daytona International … Continue reading →
  • No Room at the Inn by Bridget A. Thomas
    Recently I have been reading through the Gospels. When I came to the story of Jesus’ birth found in Luke 2, I was struck anew by the words found in verse 7. “And [Mary] brought forth her firstborn Son, and … Continue reading →
  • I Forget to Breathe by Julie Arduini
    Last month I received a gift my family and I determined wasn’t a want as much as a need. An Apple watch. When they first came on the scene I made fun of them because all I saw was people … Continue reading →
  • Followers of Jesus by James R. Coggins
    We sometimes think of the Twelve apostles as a group and suppose that Jesus called them all at once. This is not so. According to Mark 1-2, Jesus first walked along the shore of the Sea of Galilee and called … Continue reading →
  • Small Gifts by Nancy J. Farrier
    When I go walking in the desert, I travel down a wash and over hills. There are so many rocks. I have to be careful not to trip or fall, because the rocks will shift under my feet. Thus, I … Continue reading →

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