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  • A Familiar Favorite by Nancy J. Farrier
    Do you have a favorite book of the Bible? A favorite chapter? A favorite verse?  I think we all have someplace we turn to when we need the comfort of God’s word or a guidance during a difficult time. For … Continue reading →
  • Happy Thanksgiving by Bridget A. Thomas
    Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I am honored to be on the schedule today to share this wonderful day with you. In honor of this holiday, today I want to focus on 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 which says, … Continue reading →
  • Dead Inside by Julie Arduini
    That’s quite the cheery title, am I right? Thankfully it isn’t completely how I feel, although my patience for this most unpredictable of years is running thin. There’s been the quarantine, the election, I had to go back to my … Continue reading →
  • You Want Me to WHAT?
    I received a letter today from Cheyenne WY, the capitol of our state, telling me that I WILL be on their list for jury duty come January of 2021 for half a year. I will be expected to drive to … Continue reading →
  • Have A Blessed Thanksgiving by Tara Randel
    Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving week? While at times it seems like this year has dragged on, in other ways time had flown by. I’ve been busy writing, so that makes the days move fast for me. I get … Continue reading →
  • Learning to Love by Kathy Carmichael
    I’m still caught up in much of the fear from my last post, and as a result I found it difficult to choose a topic that appealed enough for discussion. In general, I’m quite a sunny person, so struggling with … Continue reading →
  • He Who Has Helped Thee Hitherto by James R. Coggins
    Years ago, my wife Jackie and I were moving 3,000 miles away to the east so I could return to school and embark on a new career. The small church that we attended gave us a loving send-off, a gift … Continue reading →
  • Stand firm…
    “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” –John 16:33 These are unprecedented times. Even in WWII when it … Continue reading →
  • The Glass Graveyard by Nancy J. Farrier
    I love my walks in the desert. They are quiet and almost always people free. The solitude gives me time to consider what I need to do, to listen to an audiobook or podcast, or to pray. It’s such a … Continue reading →
  • We Have a Choice by Bridget A. Thomas
    It is no secret that complaining and negativity is rampant in our culture. It has been for a long time. Then 2020 came along, and our griping seemed to multiply overnight. But we don’t have to succumb to the pessimistic … Continue reading →
  • In All Things Give Thanks by Julie Arduini
    When I write, anything from an email or a manuscript, I say a little prayer that God would give me the words. The other day I was responding to an email and I asked for words that would be just … Continue reading →
  • I’m a Traveler…
    Do you know that song by Chris Stapleton? That’s become my life and this is a problem because I’m a homebody. I like the house. Home. Writing. My schedule. However, I chose to have four kids and they are all … Continue reading →
  • Potted in Fresh Soil By Nancy J. Farrier
    My daughter visited us recently. She works at a botanical garden in their desert collection and had the expertise to help me with some of my cactus and succulents that were in desperate need of repotting. One sansevieria in particular … Continue reading →

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